Australian Lifestyle & Fitness takes the guesswork out of weight loss with our unique, easy-to-follow program. We help you:
  • Create a diet plan that suits your taste
  • Create an exercise plan that targets trouble spots
  • Track your weight loss with our simple online tools
No gimmicks. No fads. No expensive meals to buy. It just works. ALF - Our Features
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Why choose our weight loss program?

Our members get all the information and tools they need to lose weight and stay healthy.

  • Personalised meal & exercise programs

    designed to match your goals, body shape, food preferences and available time
  • Easy Access

    no special meals or equipment: lose weight without leaving home
  • Progress Tracker tools

    includes calorie and exercise tracking, nutrition breakdown, and the world's first system to project future weight loss based on your weight loss plan
  • Planning tools

    including easy shopping lists and exercise plans

    Support from our nutritionist

    standing by to answer you questions

Take the first step to a new you.    

Features that help you stay on track

  • Meal Planner

    Plan menus with food you actually
    like, calorie counter to track
    calories consumed and even print
    out favourite recipes.

  • Exercise Planner

    Target the areas of your body that
    most need it with a planned,
    achievable exercise routine.

  • Shopping Lists

    Easy-to-print shopping lists, based
    on your meal plan.
  • Progress Tracker

    Monitor the nutritional value of the
    foods you eat and even predict
    future weight loss. How's that for
    staying motivated!
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Weight Loss News
& Articles

Recipes, diet advice, health news, BMI and tips on losing
weight and staying motivated.
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Got more questions? We've got answers...

Q: How is this program going to help me lose weight?

A: This isn't about sticking to our diet; it's about following your diet. Your meal plan and exercise plan is created by you (with advice from our weight loss experts, of course), so you know you'll be able to stick to it.

Q: I haven't had a lot of success on other weight loss diets. Why will this be different?

A: For a weight loss diet to work, it needs to be achievable from the start. After that, you need support, motivation and an easy way to track your success. Our program delivers! With common-sense, healthy goal setting, access to advice and support, and our range of easy-to-use tools, graphs and reports, you have a better chance of finally succeeding.

Q: How quickly will I lose weight?

A: We are committed to healthy weight loss through a combination of good food and regular exercise. We recommend a balanced approach and our calorie counter, meaning you should be able to lose between 0.5 and 1 kg per week. People who lose weight gradually as a result of simple lifestyle changes are far more likely to keep the weight off for good!.

Q: What happens if I don't lose weight?

A: Our calorie counter works. For your piece of mind, though, we have a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you follow your exercise and meal plans and don't achieve weight loss after 30 days, we'll give you a complete refund.


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