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Stay on Track during your Holidays

Monday, 21 December 2009
Everyone deserves a break from our daily routine and work to unwind and relax. Often, however, a break in routine can leave us less focused and our eating patterns and exercise routine out of wack. You can still make good choices while away and still enjoy your holiday.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track:   

1.    Exercise

Use the extra time that you are free from your daily chores as an opportunity to exercise and try something new and fun. If the weather is nice go for a walk along the beach, go for a bike ride or a swim. If staying in a hotel, ask the reception to give you a daily wake-up call and get the exercise out the way first thing in the morning. That way your metabolism is boosted to work the entire day and you can enjoy the rest of the day.

2.    Water
Make sure you always have a water bottle at hand and stay hydrated, especially in hot and humid weather. Often our bodies confuse hunger with thirst so before reaching for a snack or the next cafe, have a drink of water before hand and re-assess if you are still hungry afterwards.

3.    Lunch/Dinner
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Always ask for creamy sauces on the side, ask the waiter about the ingredients of a dish e.g. if there is any cream or butter in a dish, or if they can substitute fries for extra salad. If it is a buffet, take your time and walk up and down and assess what you really want. Ask for smaller portions when the chefs serve you and pile on the veggies.

4.    Accommodation

Check out if your hotel has a gym and/or pool. Find out what amenities are close by e.g. the beach, a golf course, horse-riding etc. If travelling with a companion, ask them to join you.

5.    Shared Indulgence
If treating yourself after dinner, make sure you watch your portion size as often desserts can be over-sized and full of kilo-joules. Best way around it? Share! Make a rule if you chose dessert-always share it. If you have made wise choices throughout your dinner, with lean protein and plenty of vegetables, then this will be much easier to do and you get the best of both worlds.

6.    Beverages
Drinks can be laden with sugar, especially fizzy soft-drinks and cocktails. Stick to low-kilo-joule soft drinks, soda and tonic water and if you chose an alcoholic beverage, stick to wine spritzers, light beers, and spirits with diet soft-drink, and remember your daily drink allowance.

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