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Escaping the Cold-Indoor Exercise

Thursday, 12 July 2012

ďItís too coldÖ Itís too wetÖItís too darkĒ We have heard it all before. Countless excuses why we canít exercise in winter. Think again, as there are also countless ways to exercise-INDOORS.

1.       Team up

Join an indoor team sport such as netball, volleyball, soccer, basketball and cricket. Being part of a team is great for your attendance as you donít want to let the team down. It also has a plus of making new friends and socializing.


2.       DIY

You donít have to spend money on expensive tricky equipment to work out. Household items such as water bottles, cans, books, bags and stairs can be used instead. You can make up your own circuit training, going from one exercise to another for 20-30 minutes. Use a can or some books in a bag for bicep curls, follow with 30 seconds marching on the spot, then do some steps on your stairs etc.


3.       Weights

If you donít wish to use household items, you can purchase a set of weights at reasonable prices for your use at home. Focus on your main muscles groups such as your biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, back and abdominals. Try 3 sets of 12 repetitions to start with for each muscle group and start with light weights to begin with.


4.       Gym

If you donít want to lock into a gym membership contract, you can sign up for a short-term gym membership or a set of casual visits. You can vary your visits to cardio workouts, resistance training and classes.


5.       Hire, buy or borrow

When the weather is bad, try and get your hands on some home exercising equipment. Stationary bikes, steppers and treadmills and weights are ideal. You can watch your favourite show or keep an eye on the kids, while staying dry and warm. Chances are, that you would use it in the warmer months too.


6.       Double the fun

7.       Go with a friend, alternate what exercises you want to do. You could go to a class together, walk together or share a personal trainer.

8.       Boogie

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape, as well as lots of fun. There are classes available from salsa, ballroom to belly dancing or even pole dancing! The time will fly by and you wouldnít even have noticed that you were exercising.


9.       Become an active local

Check out your community centre. There are a few great classes such as pilates, yoga, martial arts, tai chi etc.


10.   Aqua

There are plenty of options for exercising in the pool. From aqua-aerobic classes, to swimming laps, treading water, walking laps (backwards and forwards), kicking with a board on front and back, free-style, breaststroke, backstroke-just keep moving for as long as possible and a great workout.


11.   Home convenience

The market is full of exercise DVDs. Get a couple and vary them to keep you motivated and interested. Itís a very convenient way to work out from the comforts of your own home. There is a range of DVDs using weights, cardio, body strength, yoga, pilates and stretching. Many computer programs also have exercise games now, which can be a fun way to get you moving.




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