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Tuesday, 2 June 2009
The easiest way to ensure you are not splurging out on empty calories is to stack up on healthy alternatives that will keep body and mind satisfied. Here are some great substitutes you can make in your pantry!

  • Cooking oil  → canola oil
  • chocolate → dried fruit
  • chips → rice crackers, air popped popcorn
  • salad dressing → fat-free balsamic dressing or vinegar
  • simmer sauces → fresh dried herbs and spices, canned tomatoes
  • white rise and pasta → basmati or brown rice, wholegrain pasta
  • refined high sugar cereal → wholegrain cereals (low-sugar) and porridge
  • white bread → wholegrain bread
  • high fat spreads e.g. chocolate/hazelnut spread → vegemite, honey, low-joule jam
  • sugary soft drinks → water, water with squeeze of lemon, diet drinks, herbal teas

Easy ways to add taste without calories are:

1.    add fresh and dried herbs and spices
2.    use chicken stock instead of milk and butter to mash potatoes
3.    use lemon juice and lime juice with olive oil instead of bottled salad dressing
4.    roast vegetables with garlic and cooking spray instead of steaming them
5.    poach chicken or fish in herb flavoured water
6.    when steaming, wrap fish or chicken in baking paper with herbs, lemon juice and sauces.
7.    Soy, oyster, hoisin and fish sauces are great low-calorie marinates, dressings and add flavour to stir fries.

In addition, cooking methods can also be easily modified to help your waistline and overall health.


Deep fat frying, cooking with butter → dry fry and stir-fry using cooking sprays, bake, grill, braise, steam and roast.

With these alternatives in place, you’re on your way to a successful weight loss journey!

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