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Friday, 26 September 2008

WeightWatchers is a weight loss program that provides dietary advice and personal support and motivation. WeightWatchers aims to look at not only food and exercise, but also behaviour and supportive environments. 

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The program has two diet options;


The points plan – you can eat whatever you want, but points are designated to foods, and you need to keep the number of points you eat throughout the day within your personalised target range.  Weekly allowances of unhealthy foods are also made to leave room for special occasions.

The core plan
– does not involve counting, and you can eat until you feel satisfied.  The diet revolves around a list of ‘core foods’ including foods like brown rice, potatoes, lean meat and avocados.  The foods on the list are low energy density foods, which mean you can eat larger amounts while consuming less calories per gram than other foods.  The core plan also includes a weekly allowance of foods not on the core foods list for daily treats or special occasions.

at the time this article was written were $13.83 per week for unlimited meetings and free registration.  Unless people chose to purchase the weight watchers products available in most supermarkets (which may be more expensive that other foods), there should not be any additional costs on top of the weekly grocery bill.  The $13.83 pays for meetings, which is where you can be weighed (this is done in a confidential manner) to check progress, and can gain motivation from the meeting leader, who has been through the weight loss process.  The program includes a personalised meal plan to suit your energy needs and lifestyle, as well as access to the e-tool which provides online motivation and recipe ideas.

The points plan may work well for those who are happy to count points (which can be very tedious), and who want more flexibility with what they can eat.  This plan may be difficult for people who have to cook for other members of the family.  People on this diet will also still have to make sure that they are eating a healthy range of foods and using up all their points on unhealthy options.  

The core plan provides a lot more flexibility, and recipes that are suitable for families.  The core plan may also be more maintainable as people are able to eat till they are satisfied. 

Weight Watchers may be suitable for those that feel they need some extra support and guidance during their weight loss. While the points plan may be difficult to maintain, the core plan should provide enough flexibility to fit into most lifestyles.

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