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Sunday, 6 July 2008
Fitness First is the largest network of gyms in Australia with over 75 gyms in 5 states.  With top of the range equipment and comprehensive group fitness classes, their facilities are more than adequate to improve fitness and assist weight loss. Unfortunately though, Fitness First has started to develop a reputation for being overpriced, sales driven and extremely difficult in matters relating to membership cancellation. This article will highlight a few areas to be mindful of when joining Fitness First.  

Fitness First is one of the only gymís that have solely dedicated sales teams.  Their pay is highly commission based, meaning they have large incentives to get your sale over the line.  From the minute you first walk into the gym you will be shown around, qualified and pressured into membership. Sales staff rigorously follow up their leads and for people not used to such strong sales tactics, can be left signing up for a membership they did not really want, nor get their moneys worth. 

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How much does a Fitness First membership cost you? 

Well this is a very interesting question as nearly everyone is paying different amounts for their memberships //  Fitness First do not show any prices on their web site which only further highlights their caginess around prices.  They have a lot of different membership options so it is very easy to get confused, however their standard membership, allowing you access to all Fitness First gyms is around $83 per month. On top of this you will need to pay an admin fee of $70 which is non-negotiable.  There will also be an additional joining fee of around $50, however they always wipe this off as a mechanism to add value to their offer (if they donít make sure you ask them to!).  It seems that some good negotiating or through special offers, membership prices can often be brought down to around $60 per month, or even less sometimes.  It is a good idea to join at the end of the month when they are desperately trying to reach their targets, and will be more likely to entice you with a special offer.  

The most important thing with your Fitness First membership is to be aware of the contract you are signing and the process for cancelling if you choose to do so.  There are many people who have been caught out and feel like they have been scammed or ripped off by Fitness First //, //  To cancel your membership, you can only do so by appointment and these are often made difficult to schedule in.  Cancellation fees are expensive and the process often long and drawn out.  

In addition, many Fitness Firsts tend to be overcrowded in peak times (5-7pm) and can make work outs slow and frustrating.  Endeavor to visit your prospective Fitness First during one of these peak times (Monday night is best) to make sure you are comfortable with the environment.  

There is no doubt with the correct membership and used frequently Fitness First can be a great facility to improve fitness and lose weight. Just make sure you donít get sold into a membership you donít want or pay more than you should.

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