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Starting Exercise & Staying Motivated
Weight loss exercise
Friday, 30 November 2007
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There are really only two reasons why people don't exercise regularly, and that is either not knowing what to do or not being motivated. 

Introduction Exercise Programs
If you are not terribly fit but you know you need to do more exercise, setting yourself an exercise program is pretty straight forward if you stick to a few guidelines.  The important thing is to try to and exercise everyday.  This is all about getting into the habit of exercise.  There is no specific work out you have to do but the best approach is to stick to exercise that you enjoy.  Also when you start, for the first week or two, don't push yourself too hard.  Listen to your body and progress at a rate you feel comfortable with.  The benefits of regular exercise far out weight the benefits of a few hard workouts. 

If your just starting exercise, the idea is to build up from 15 - 20 minutes to around a 1 hour workout.  Walking is great to get yourself started but you really want to do some form of exercise that gets your heart rate up.  The reason for this is that aside from improving your fitness, an elevated heart rate will increase your metabolic rate and consequently burn more calories.  Some great activities to get you started include:
-    Jogging
-    Cycling
-    Swimming
-    Aerobic Class
-    Spin Class
-    Skipping
-    Tennis
-    Basketball
-    Walking

Remember that consistency is the key!  A good idea is to plan your week and write down all the exercise you plan to perform.  When you wake up each day think; what exercise am I doing today? At what time?

Staying Motivated
Most people have a pretty good idea of what exercise they should be doing, at least on a broad level.  The problem is getting started and making it part of your routine.  Often the hardest part about exercise is getting out of bed! But once the mental commitment is made we feel better, and once the exercise is finished we feel great.  When we exercise our body releases endorphins that make us feel good.  When was the last time you exercised and didn't feel good after finishing?  Most of us feel fantastic, so you need to keep reminding yourself how good you will feel once you finish. 

There is no doubt that motivation comes from within but sometimes it is difficult to harness.  One of the key factors towards motivation is having a goal.  When your goal appears to be unattainable motivation is lost.  That is why it's important to firstly have clear, achievable goals.  However there is nothing wrong with having big goals, in fact it is important to have goals that are truly worth fighting for.  The important thing is to set out clear steps to achieve them.  When you break a big job down into smaller ones,  it becomes more manageable.  So in the case of weight loss you may have the goal of losing 20kg in 6months, however break that down into daily, weekly and monthly goals.  You can even break it down further into healthy eating and exercise goals.  You can set any goal you want, just make it clear, coupled with a strategy to achieve it. 

In addition to writing goals down it is important to reward yourself when you achieve your goals.  Go and buy yourself a top or go to the movies, something to reward yourself for a job well done. 

Motivation is much more powerful when a goal is set with someone else.  Set your goals with a friend or family member.  The more minds working together, the more powerful the drive and greater chance of success. 

You will be amazed at what you can achieve.  You just need to give yourself a chance! Have a good think about what you want to achieve and why, then set your goals with a clear path to achieving them.  It is true - you can do anything that you set your mind to!

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