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Acai Berry - An Amazonian Wonder

Monday, 14 February 2011
Researchers and the media alike are astonished at the health benefits that acai berry offers. And now the public is getting a sniff of it too……

Acai Berry - What is it?

Pronounced a-shigh-ee, acai berry  is a small round dark berry-usually purple in colour. It looks similar to a blueberry or grapes and contains a large seed in the middle of the pulp. Acai berry originates from the Amazon rainforest and grows on acai palm trees. Growing on palm trees, the acai berry grows similarly to bananas-in bunches. A singular tree can produce as much as 8 bunches of acai berries at any one time. The acai berry is often used in energy drinks, energy bars, ice creams, smoothies and other popular natural health products.

Acai Berry - What are the health benefits?

Being a dark berry it if full of anti-oxidants which our bodies use for reversing damage caused by free radicals. The acai berry contains ten times more antioxidants than grapes and twice that of blueberries. It is thus thought, the acai berry omits toxins from our body, which will leave our body’s feeling rejuvenated. As a metabolism booster, it has received much attention as a weight loss tool in shedding the calories.

Further, native citizens of Central America traditionally have used this berry for over 200 years to aid with digestion problems such as flatulence, gas and bloating. In addition, they used acai berry it to boost their energy levels when feeling low, skin irritations, sexual dysfunction and insomnia. Being a low-sugar containing food, it is an ideal snack for diabetics.

The acai berry is naturally rich in polyphenols, antocyanin, fatty acids such as omega oils, electrolytes, amino acids and Vitamin A, B1 and E. It is believed that this aids with the treatment of low-density cholesterol by converting it into high-density cholesterol. The high-fibre content helps eliminate waste and increases satiety and the feeling of fullness. The Acai berry is rich with amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Your muscles need these amino acids in order to operate properly. Phytosterols are building blocks of cell membranes help fortify your digestive tract, moving waste materials out and absorbing nutrients more efficiently.

Acai berry has been noted that it has great effects on the adverse impact of nerve and immunity. Additionally, researchers found that it improves sleep, vision and respiratory control as well as containing cancer-fighting properties. The University of Florida found studied the effects of the acai berry and found that it actually destroyed leukemia cells.

The Health Benefits of Acai Berry

•    Increases longevity.
•    Aids digestion.
•    Contains fibre, which will reduce appetite and remove waste from intestines.
•    Increases strength by improving your muscle and bone strength.
•    Removes toxins trapped in the colon.
•    Controls cholesterol in your body.
•    Reduces fat stores.
•    Reduces blood sugar levels, which is helpful for diabetics.
•    Increases and maintains smooth delivery of energy.
•    Contains anti-aging properties and improves the condition of hair and skin, keeping you looking and feeling younger.
•    Improved mental and physical alertness by improving mental function and increasing the capacity of your memory.
•    Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.
•    Can help enhance sexual function.
•    Aid with weight loss.
•    Improve sleep.
•    Enhance vision.
•    Reduce headaches and dizziness.
•    Reduce heart complications.
•    Cleanses and detoxifies the whole body.
•    Promotes your body’s overall health and well-being.
•    Assists in reducing the effects of aging.
•    Fights against free radicals.
•    Contains multiple essential vitamins.
•    Contains multiple essential minerals.
•    Improves heart health.
•    Reduces recovery time after injury.
•    Strengthens resistance to diseases.
•    Reduces menopausal symptoms.
•    Fights against inflammation and arthritis.
•    Improved circulation.

The acai berry has received endless amounts of attention and as an excellent diet super food, has been a major resource for weight loss. This is mainly due to the feeling of increased energy and improved digestion. This in turn allows for more exercise and a leaner body.  Furthermore, the acai berry boosts your metabolism and burns fat quicker, and at the same time detoxifying your body. With a strong combination of fat fighting from the inside and out, the acai berry shows significant weight loss benefits.

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