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Your BMI is :     22.1

 Your BMI result should give you a broad indication of how healthy your weight is for your height. If you’d like to see your weight falling into a lower range, you can use this as a starting point to create a healthy eating and exercise program that will get you slimming down and toning up in no time.

Joining Australian Lifestyle and Fitness gives you instant access to a personalised diet and fitness program tailored to your goals, helping you to lower your BMI and improve your overall health. You also get ongoing support and lots of useful tools, articles and resources to help you get informed and motivated about weight loss.

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BMI What your result indicates
< 19 Underweight - should consider putting on some weight
20 - 25 Healthy weight range
25 - 30 Overweight - should lose some weight to avoid health risks
> 30 Obese - should see doctor to help lose weight and avoid likely health risks
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